Helizone Combat Fighter – Desert Storming!

Helizone RC launched three of its newest and completely innovated three channel gyro helicopters including the Helizone Combat Fighter 3 Channel Gyro Missile Shooting RC Helicopter. This is definitely not your ordinary RC toy helicopter that is usually limited to basic flying directions of up and down and forward and backward. This combat fighter has a missile shooting ability and a speed acceleration system for action packed fun. These missiles shoot suprising straight (6-8 feet) and they include two card board tank cut outs for you to aim at. Buy on Amazon for $35

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter Features:

  • Users can fly up to three helicopters all at the same time with its three changeable frequencies. The selectable frequencies A, B, and or C enable users to control three combat fighters using a single controller.
  • Inclusive of a missile firing mechanism that makes Combat Fighter very realistic. A fully detailed body structure is equipped with two slots to hold the missiles (left and right) and fire it using the left and right button on the top of the controller. Missiles can fire up to a maximum range of six to eight feet.
  • Comes fully assembled and it is ready to fly once you take it out of the packaging. The remote control needs AA size batteries.
  • With integrated gyroscope system that offers a more stable and balanced flight giving you full control of the helicopter. With its innovative coaxial blade and stabilizer bar, controlling the combat fighter is very easy and straightforward.
  • The precision designed gyro flight stability offers an easy to fly feature using the remote control and the missile launch buttons are located on the top of the remote controller making it a lot easier to fire the two missiles.
  • This model from Helizone also has an integrated turbo mode which is one of the unique features of this Combat Fighter that gives it an extra boost of acceleration when needed. When fully mastered, a touch of the button will allow the Combat Fighter to accelerated quickly and evade other challengers.
  • The Combat Fighter from Helizone has been designed to withstand serious crashes. Its durable structure allows it to survive multiple crashes and it is also light enough so you can fly it easily indoors.
  • The Combat Fighter comes in a fully assembled model inclusive of six missile launchers, remote control transmitter, an extra tail blade, and USB charger cord.
  • Very lightweight at two pounds and is only 14 x 4 x 6 inches in full dimension.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter Conclusion

The Helizone Combat Fighter RC Helicopter is one of the excellent micro helicopters because of its balance flight stability and easy to control features. Every package is also inclusive of paper tank targets so you can practice firing the missiles. The Turbo Mode is also an additional feature that makes this RC helicopter worth every dollar. When you need an extra boost of acceleration, just press the Turbo button and your copter will zoom fast.

For beginners, the Helizone Combat Fighter RC Helicopter is definitely the right choice and it will not take long before you master how to effectively control the helicopter. Buy on Amazon for $35