Exceed-RC Falcon 40


Here is the Exceed-RC Falcon 40, touted as a good beginner fixed-pitch heli. At the time that was likely true.  These images are stock photos off of Google and reflect the one that I have.  I am using the stock photos because mine is in pieces.  There is a new version out that uses a better radio which should make this a lot easier to fly but I haven’t flown the v2, just the original.  Some know this better as a honeybee helicopter by E-sky.  In either case I don’t recommend this as your first fixed pitch heli.  It s not super-stable like some of the others that I have flown.  I was very excited when I got this as it was my first non-coaxial heli I ever bought.  The videos made this one look easy to fly so I bought it.   If you don’t have much experience then this one can be a bit of a handful.  I crashed it every time I flew it when I first got it.  Although , the damage was only to the landing gear and to blades.  Everything else seemed to be ok, most of the time.  I did have to replace the top of the head because the plastic ball links broke off once.  And the top part of the head cracked once also.    I would only fly this on windless days or days where the wind was less than  5-6 mph.  Since I live in Oklahoma, this means almost never fly this one outside.  It does sport fly fairly well indoors but it is pretty light.

I would recommend this for intermediate to advanced pilots. It is 300 sized.


The new V2 version sports a 2.4Ghz radio which I had issues with the 72mhz one. Radio drop outs and interference should be minimal now. The V2 also has much sturdier landing gear and several other features that make it a much better choice than it’s older brother.

  • It uses 2 servos at 90 degrees
  • 370 motor for the main rotor
  • 3– in—mixer that does the esc, gyro and receiver duties
  • The new version uses a lipo battery for better power conversion and longer flight times
  • Cool-looking green, white and black canopy and tail standard

My average repair cost on a crash was $7-15. The V2 version is available on Amazon for around $290 as of 2/20/2014 and a good bit cheaper (but out of stock) on Xheli.com and Nitroplanes.com.