E-Flite Blade mSR – A Micro Fixed Pitch Helicopter That Really Works!

image3711There are winning helicopter designs and losing helicopter designs.  This one is a true winner.  It is a more traditional helicopter setup than a coaxial so you get a feel of flying a ‘real RC helicopter but it is so stable you would think that you were just flying a slightly wild coaxial.   This helicopter has a single rotor blade and a super tiny tail motor for tail control.  The flybar on this model is ‘slanted’ for better stability.  Control of the rotor, servos and tail are achieved through a specially programmed 5-in-1 electronic module that really does a bang up job.  Because it is so very small, it can be crashed more than a few times without buying a lot of parts.  With the weight in at just under 1 oz, its’ hard to gain a lot of momentum enough to seriously damage it.  Truthfully, I have only purchased a tail blade and tail motor and one set of blades.  This is after 30 crashes and over 200 flights.  No timer on the controller that comes with the RTF (ready-to-fly) version means you get to having so much fun that you forget that you can’t just fly forever with these things.  Good news is that in both the RTF and BNF versions you get this fantastic battery charger that will charge 4 of the 1 cell LiPo batteries at once.  These batteries also work in the Blade mCX, mCX2, and several other micro flyer airplanes.  My package came with 2 batteries.

This helicopter is perfect for transitioning out of a coaxial or just as a rank beginner heli.  The RTF controller has dual rates that really will make it very tame, or open it up a bit on the sensitivity.  You will get better results, however, if you upgrade to a nicer radio.  I bound mine to the radio that came with my CX2, the LP5DSM and it really works great!.  This is a very small heli so it is pretty much an indoor flyer only.  This heli still gets pulled out several times a month to zip around the living room.  In a nutshell this is one to buy.  It is 90% as stable as a co-axial yet you can really fly it a lot more aggressive than a co-axial. Unless you are playing ’kamikaze’ with it, your repair costs should be very low, mostly replacement batteries.  It is just plain fun to fly, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot.

image3714Light, cheap and easy to fly, you should be able to get this for fairly cheap on eBay since this model is no longer sold.

  • Main Rotor Diameter: 7.0 in (180mm)
  • Gross Weight: 0.95 oz (27g) with battery
  • Length: 7.5 in (190mm)