Trex 450 V2 – The One That Made Align

image4174About 2 years ago it seemed as though everyone had an Align Trex 450 V2.  I finally got one right before the new “Pro” came out then followed by a ‘Sport” version as well. I was a rebel you might say.  I didn’t’ want to get what everyone else had.  Well that was just plain stupid of me.  The Trex 450 isn’t ‘perfect’ but what is?  It is, however, pretty much the definition of what you might want in a 450 sized helicopter.  It does everything, and it does it well.  The build manual is excellent.  It is easy to assemble.  They give you directions on how to build the head but the head comes pre-assembled.  It is a pretty shade of anodized blue aluminum.  This heli flies well, is easy to maintain and repair and can fly from simple sport flying to 3D.  I crashed mine several times and found it an easy bird to repair.  It did seem to have one annoying bit about it.  The pinion on the motor would come loose from time to time and it would auto-rotate.  At least that was my experience.  This is a great helicopter to get into when you are ready to build a kit.  Although the V2 isn’t produced anymore, the newer version of the Pro and Sport are extremely popular, for good  reason.  This is just a solid heli that would be a workhorse and great learning tool when you move towards bigger helis.    I would still have mine, except it was stolen from me and I bought the Trex 550 to replace it.

My fully built Trex 450 “Naked”   during a checkup

My fully built Trex 450 “Naked” during a checkup

The parts I wound up replacing the most in a crash were, Gears, tail boom and head parts.  I did eventually bang it around enough that I needed to replace the canopy but then it was stolen from me.

I had good experiences with this bird and you will too!  Even the align battery worked well. Parts are easily available as almost all local hobby stores carry them as well as most of the bigger online helicopter sites.

I recommend it highly.