E-Sky Belt CP


I got the E-Sky Belt CP after I had had my Lama for a while and having had the Blade 400 (which wasn’t fully mine) for a while also.  I was feeling cocky after flying my Lama (another e-sky product which was just brilliant) and having logged something like 20 hours on the Blade 400 I thought for the price this just was too good to pass up!.  I had the 72mhz one.  They have a newer V2 version like the one I show here in the picture.

When I got this I was pretty green with regard to my flying skills.  I could do some forward flight but still really having some issues with hovering and keeping it in one place. It comes RTF (ready to fly) with just a need of a charge of batteries and you are good to go.  Mine was more smother and a tad bit less touchy than the Blade 400 to fly. The controller is pre-programmed and although you have some tweaking I quickly changed out the Rx for a Spektrum one for my Dx6i.  The gyro that came with mine was a bit wonky and didn’t hold the tail as well as the one that came with the Blade.  I bought the hop-ups (metal head) that were for it and didn’t see that much improvement over the plastic parts. I did fly this one for about 6 months off and on, getting better at my skills.  I did replace the gyro with a Heli-Max heading hold gyro which helped the tail some.  I haven’t flown a V2 and my experience with the V1 wasn’t really all that bad.  For the price it is quite a package.  But there is just something ‘missing’ that I can’t put my finger on that makes it a little less polished or refined maybe over a Align product.

If you are on a budget and want a 450 class heli already pre-assembled, this is really not a bad gig. The V2 has new frame, new head, new design, new electronics & new gyro.  It should be quite a bit better than the v1 and it just looks cooler now.  Check out the vid below for more info

I sold my Belt CP to help fund the Cypher 3D which was a loads better heli but alas not RTF.