Syma S111G – Coast Guard to the Rescue!


With just a few tweaks and adjustments, this Syma RC coast guard rescue helicopter, the Heli S111G, is very easy to use. Cranking the controls a bit will make it move very quickly and it has one of the most durable frames of all Syma models. Even after crashing it into walls, furniture, or dropping it mid flight to a hard concrete floor, the Syma Heli S111G can still work perfectly fine. Buy Now for $23

Syma S111G Features:

The S111G Coast Guard Rescue RC helicopter uses an integrated electric gyroscope system making it very easy to control and provides the helicopter extreme stability. This model also comes with a four in one mini infrared receiver made up of a receiver, mixer, ESC, and gyro. Compared to other models, the S111G has an adjustable trim control and a multi directional flight including move up and down, rotate clockwise / anti-clockwise, and move forward / backward. As with all other Syma models, the S111G coast guard rescue helicopter has coaxial blades. Its dual rotor design provides this toy helicopter the significant gyroscopic effect that not only gives more than enough power but also helps improve the stability and balance of the RC helicopter. Compared to traditional RC helicopters, dual rotors are more stable and copters with coaxial blades are often the choice of beginners because of its easy maneuverability and highly stable flight.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated Electric Gyroscope System
  • Four in one mini infrared receiver (receiver, mixer, ESC, and gyro)
  • Six flight directions (rotate clockwise / anti-clockwise, move forward / backward, move up / down)
  • Integrated, easy to adjust trim control and a highly innovative intelligent RC system
  • Innovative electrical design for power saving functions
  • Made from durable composite materials for added durability that can withstand crashes
  • Effective slow down gear system
  • Up to five to eight minutes flight time after a full thirty minutes charging.
  • Integrated USB charging system (can be charged using a desktop computer’s USB port)
  • Control range of up to twenty feet
  • Battery powered using 3.7V Li-poly battery
  • Overall dimensions of 8.5″ L x 3.7″ H x 2.1″ W with 7.1″surface diameter for the main rotor.

Syma S111G Overview:

For those who are looking for an easy to fly RC micro helicopter, the S111G is definitely worth considering. Its extreme stability and balance makes this Syma model suitable for novice RC copter pilots and even advanced flyers will have a fun time controlling this toy helicopter. The good thing about this is that you can only charge it for thirty minutes and you will have a flight time of up to 8 minutes compared to other RC models with shorter flight time. This can also be charged using the RC control or directly from a computer to save the batteries of the transmitter.

This micro helicopter is a great flyer and it is perfect for beginners to navigate and maintain the copter’s stability while flying. Color and frequency may vary depending on your actual preference. Buy Now for $23