Align Trex 250se – Probably the Best 250 in the Market


The Align Trex 250se is a great, stable full collective pitch kit in a smaller scale. It is unassembled and you will likely need some kind of magnifying device as the screws are really small The Trex 250se does come with a set of tools that fit the majority of the screws that the kit has. My kit came with a ball link tool that was akin to a set of tweezers with the link tool on the end. These ball-link pliers are nicer ones and easier to use. Screws do strip on this heli pretty easily so I would get the spare part that is the screw kit. These screws are small!

I eagerly opened the box and laid out the bags while reading the rules. It is pretty cool that all of the helicopter fits in such a small box. The instruction manual was an easy read and the build went pretty flawlessly minus dropping and losing a couple of screws.

Follow the directions and you will be ready to go. Use a pitch gauge to set up the blades properly and a swashplate leveler for best results. This is a full collective pitch helicopter an requires some experience with helicopters before attempting to fly, or get pretty good with this model on the simulator first.

With a good radio this is a joy to fly. It is small enough to fly in a average-sized backyard. So you can get a lot of fly time in by just walking out the back door! It is pretty quiet and with some expo programmed into the transmitter you should be able to start off with this being a pretty docile helicopter for learning forward flight and sport flying.

The first time I did a loop and flew inverted was in my 250 so it is easy to change it from docile sport flyer to a decent 3D machine. Also, because of the cost of the parts for this one, the ‘nervous thumb syndrome’ is a lot less. I have chatted with a bunch of people who have other 200 and 250 sized helis and they all mention that they wished they had just bought the align one.

My first 250 (not an ‘SE”) was stolen during a robbery and I went out and bought another one right after I got the insurance check. . A word of advice, I have found that it is a little better to build one out of a kit vs. buying one built by someone else who ‘says’ that they built it ‘expertly’

This is a fantastic helicopter and one I highly recommend. The SE version has some upgrades like bigger screws in some places that just make a good heli better!

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, the Align Trex 250se has been discontinued but you can get the PRO version for the 250 from Amazon (RTF).