Syma S107 – Cheap iPhone Controlled Micro Heli


The Syma S107 and S107G device controlled channel RC helicopter (iCopter) is one of the newest addition to Syma’s full line of micro helicopters. This model can be controlled using Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone which is a very high tech innovation in the world of micro helicopters. The iPhone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 and S107G iCopter is equipped with a state of the art gyro system technology for precision control and its new fully detailed metal frame can withstand serious crashes. Ready to Fly for $40

Syma S107G Features:

As with other Syma micro helicopter models, the iPhone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 and S107G iCopter can be charged directly from the controller which runs on double A batteries. This model also has a fully functional trim control that gives even beginners the perfect flight. Product highlights include:

  • Three channel control system that can be navigated using Apple devices like iTouch, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Integrated Syma exclusive three channel gyro system
  • The main body is made from durable but lightweight alloy metal.
  • Very light weight but can still survive crashes and bumps without causing serious damage
  • Can be charged from the computer using its USB cable or the helicopter’s remote control
  • Tri band technology with non – intervention capacity
  • Six flight directions (rotate clockwise / anti-clockwise, move forward / backward, move up / down)
  • Powerful driving motor that generates high efficiency surge power
  • Up to six to eight minutes flight time and a short charging time of only twenty to thirty minutes.

This iPhone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 and S107G iCopter is just the size of the palm which is approximately 11 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches and thirteen ounces in weight thanks its aluminum frame with fully detailed canopy. The integrated coaxial blades also enable the RC helicopter to move in three directions using three channels allowing flyers to hover the RC helicopter easily.

The application that can be used to control the helicopter via iPad, iTouch, and iPhone is available for download at Apple AppStore but the entire package is inclusive of the helicopter model fully assembled, USB charging cord, instruction manual, additional tail blade, and iPhone transmitter and charger.

Syma S107G Conclusion:

The iPhone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 and S107G iCopter is pretty extraordinary due to its unique body design and easy to fly features. Even beginners can easily fly this in a jiffy and a careful practice will enable users to fly this model even on tight spaces using Apple devices. The coaxial blades and dual rotor designs provides this micro helicopter a significant gyroscopic effect that further enhances flight control and stabilizes the RC helicopter. All in all, iPhone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 and S107G iCopter is definitely a good choice both for beginners and advanced flyers. The controls are also very responsive so even a light flick of the control can quickly send the iCopter to the direction you want. Ready to Fly for $40