Syma S108G – Great Micro Beginner


The S108G 3.5 Cobra is a completely different RC helicopter all together. The major difference of this RC copter compared to traditional remote controlled toy helicopters is that its collective vertical control is not spring loaded and it is its major difference with Syma’s previous S107G model. In addition to that, the S108G 3.5 Marine Cobra offers a robust power and high response rate. This particular aspect will make it slightly difficult for beginners to control the helicopter although it is an advantage for advanced users. Ready to Fly for $25

Syma S108G Features

s108gThis Syma 2011 ultra micro helicopter model has a four in one infrared controller including receiver, mixer, ESC, and Gyro. The detailed body frame also makes the S108G appear very realistic and it has three channels for three different movement and six flight directions including rotate clockwsie / anti-clockwise, move forward / backward, move up / down. This is the latest of Syma’s gyro versions and is only 8.5 inches long including the fully detailed fuselage. The overall visual effect of S108G is very appealing with flashing LED and a soft indoor lighting system in the cockpit. Its estimated flight time is around five to six minutes after a twenty to thirty minutes full charge. And while the overall frame is made of plastic, still the S108G is very durable can withstand crashes. Product highlights include:

  • The S108G 3.5 CH Infrared Mini Radio Controlled Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro from Syma is more powerful and highly responsive compared to its predecessors.
  • This also sports a plastic body and frame making it ultra lightweight and its collective control is not spring loaded. Without the spring, flyers can make the RC helicopter hover even without holding the controls. When it comes to performance and hovering capacity, the S108G is definitely number one although you have to quite master it first before you can do some stunts on it.
  • High response rate means convenient navigation in a flick of your fingers but you have to master your control first before you think about flying the RC helicopter in confined spaces.
  • The electric coaxial blade allows the S108G to have a more stable and balanced flight making it easy for flyers to bring the RC helicopter to confined spaces. However, this model requires a bit mastery of the control because of its highly responsive control and very powerful motor.
  • You can easily make the copter surge forward with a light touch of the control but you must when to pull back or land the model before a serious crash happens.


You have to remember that the collective control of this model is not spring loaded which means you can make it hover even without holding the controller. But do not forget to return the collective to zero when you crash the RC helicopter and make sure you are always within range of S108G or it will easily fall out of the air. In general, the S108G is a pretty powerful RC helicopter so make sure to master the control before you speed it around a confined space to avoid over steering.