Why Review RC Helicopters?


The E-flite Blade 400 one of my first ‘real’ RC helicopters

Hi, My name is Mike and I created this site because I feel like all the magazines and most of the people reviewing RC helicopters are, well a bit removed from those of us who are beginners or intermediate pilots.  The reviews on these pages are my personal experiences with these helicopters.  I’m not being paid by anyone, like a magazine or manufacturing company but I will be putting links to the places where I bought the stuff from. I am building / operating this page just to help people avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into in my radio-controlled journey. It would be nice if you DO like my review and want to try out one of these birds for yourself that you click on my link and help pay the hosting costs.

I have been flying RC helicopters for about 3 years now.  It all started when my wife got me a little ‘mosquito’ heli from Radio Shack one year for Christmas.  From there I ‘got the bug’ and wanted to venture into something other than the little ‘mosquito’ which I flew so much that I literally wore it out.

My first place I bought another helicopter from was Xheli.com.  I know lots of people have had some issues with them in the past but I never have had a problem.  The next place was my Local Hobby Store and then it has been LHS and internet store since then.  It is important to note that I am a bit of a loner and didn’t really do a lot of research.  I did read somewhere that I should try a ‘fixed pitch’ heli next and that they were “Good for beginners” .  My experience was pretty dismal.  Yes they can be good for beginners but not all heli’s are created equal.  Read my reviews for more details.  I hope my reviews here can help others steer their way towards saving some money and  headache learning this fantastic, addicting hobby.  It also is kinda neat to go back and see my own heli journey.   As you can see I have dumped a lot of money into this over the last 2 years.  So enjoy the reviews off to the right and I hope they help you when you are shopping for a Heli.  This is a fantastic and addictive hobby.