Brookstone uControl Cloud Force – Great Intermediate Heli


Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter – uControl Cloud Force is one of the easiest to fly indoor RC helicopter with an integrated gyroscope system that enables flyers to fly higher than usual, hover easily, and bank. The integrated electric gyroscope system makes the RC helicopter very easy to control and gives the helicopter extreme stability. Get for $50


  • The Brookstone Cloud Force uControl RC helicopter features an electric gyroscope technology that results to a more stable and smoother flight.
  • Multi directional flight (forward, backward, left, right, hover, and bank) just like the real helicopter.
  • Fully detailed body works making the toy helicopter appear very realistic.
  • Multi channel control system that allows users to fly up to three helicopters all at once without experiencing interference.
  • The Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter – uControl Cloud Force can reach and maintain up to eighty feet altitude. You can push this limit further when you introduce some mods on your transmitter.
  • Durable design that can withstand sudden crashes or bumpy landings.
  • The Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter – uControl Cloud Force comes with one stabilizer bar, four replacement blades, one landing gear, one tail rotor, two tail fins, and four connecting rods for emergency repairs.
  • The remote control is powered by six AA size batteries (not included).
  • Designed for twelve years and above.
  • Made from durable composite materials for added durability that can withstand crashes and it also has an effective slow down gear system.
  • Up to five to eight minutes flight time after a full thirty minutes charging.
  • And with its six flight directions (rotate clockwise / anti-clockwise, move forward / backward, move up / down), you can enjoy a whole lot out of this by trying to make it do some crazy moves without crashing it.

One of the most noticeable features of this RC helicopter in terms of physical design is its unique canopy style and multi colored LED lighting system in and out of the helicopter. If you want to save power, you can turn it off using the remote control. This means that even when you are flying the helicopter, you can still be able to access the flashing lights. It will take a bit of practice before you can fly it smoothly but it only takes awhile because the Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter – uControl Cloud Force is one of the smoothest and most stable three channel helicopter you can ever get. This also has a whisper quiet motor design and its assisted gyroscope technology results to a smoother hovering.


All in all, the Brookstone Remote Control Helicopter – uControl Cloud Force is definitely one of the best RC helicopters you can ever find that uses gyroscopic technology. This toy helicopter is very stable and is a perfect option both for beginners and advanced flyers. And because the helicopter kit comes with different replacement parts, it will not be difficult to replace any broker parts in the event of a hard crash. Get for $50